Black History Month 2023

Hounslow Council have collaborated with The Sankofa London Schools Project to produce a publicly and permanently accessible digital learning resource, adaptable to most age groups in Celebration of Our Sisters for Black History Month 2023.

We hope it will enable and encourage a wider section of the Hounslow community to see themselves reflected in London and Hounslow’s local history.

The learning resource is called RESISTERS. It recovers the hidden stories of female Freedom Seekers: enslaved and indentured women living and working in London in the 1700s, who escaped from their enslavers.

Hiding in plain sight, their presence and actions are uncovered through the newspaper adverts that seek their capture and return.

These women took their futures into their own hands, risking everything for the chance to taste freedom on British soil. Sisters from around the globe, who would have remained missing from the historical record, had it not been for this single Act of Resistance.

RESISTERS explores the lives of eight of these female heroes of the early Black Resistance Movement, and celebrates the role they played in our local history.

The resource contains a step by step guide to enable all members of the local community to find out more about the lives of these women and experience firsthand how past lives can be reconstructed.
It comes in the form of a digital workbook which can be downloaded and printed, that is accessible via link or QR code and adaptable to suit all ages.