Come and witness the Industrial Revelation – Eco-Festival

Eco Festival sees nature fighting back against the machine!

By Elaine Samuels

Since the start of the industrial revolution in the 19th Century, the rise of the machine has been held partly responsible for the increase in carbon emissions, the acceleration of climate warming as well as using up the Earth’s natural resources faster than they can grow back.

However, nature is fighting back against the machine on Sunday 9th October in the shape of Industrial Revelation at the London Museum of Water and Steam, Brentford. Part of Hounslow Council’s “Summer of Culture,” Industrial Revelation is a day long eco festival for all the family featuring a special evening rock concert! 

Inside the cavernous metal and stone structure of this fascinating museum, amongst the huge and impressive steam machines, some curious, organic, wooden sculptures have been appearing, as if trying to reclaim the territory on behalf of Mother Earth! 

During the Day

Visitors to the event will not only be able to view and learn about the rise of these incredible machines and enjoy the museum’s lovely cafe, but they will also be able to take part in these extra activities:-

– “Find the Artyfacts” Sculpture Trail
– “Take Part In Art” workshop
– Local environmental activities

Find the Artyfacts Sculpture Trail

Pick up your copy of the Industrial Revelation leaflet, hunt round the museum and see if you can spot the wooden, environmental themed sculptures, created by acclaimed sculptor and artist, Derek Pearce. Click on their QR codes to reveal their environmental messages and log your findings on your copy of the “Industrial Revelation” leaflet slip. When you have filled in your findings, enter your slip into the prize draw for a chance to win one of Derek Pearce’s exclusive sculptures!

“Derek Pearce’s stunning furniture sculptures are famous worldwide, collected by everyone from Rock Stars to Royalty…even at art school he was developing ideas in many spheres, perhaps surprisingly in theatre and music. 15 years of touring with his own band, writing and performing songs featuring humorous wordplay that would become the trademark of his later design work.”
– Elinor Malcolm, Westside Magazine

Take Part In Art workshop

Find out how you feel about machines and our planet. You will be able to take part in this free art workshop, led by professional artist and instructor, Sangeeta, who will help you express your ideas on paper and create your own masterpiece!

Local Environmental Activities

There are many, great environmental groups in west London, working towards improving habitats, cleaning up waterways, monitoring air quality and reducing waste. Find out ways you can reduce your negative impacts on the environment, how you can get involved with local groups and try some fun, educational activities.

Evening Concert

You will be able to book your seat for a very special environmental edged, evening concert, featuring three acclaimed rock bands, with stunning “Son et Lumiere” lighting. Watch these huge machines light up to the inspiring and moving, environmental live music of:-
– Lemon Sharks
– Ruby Dawn
– Kindred Spirit Band

Lemon Sharks

The Lemon Sharks of London are an Isleworth based band with roots in the alternative 80s music scene, They get feet tapping with reggae beats and a pinch of post punk. Their new single “Riverboat Ska” reflects their riverside lifestyle, while other songs, such as “Ghostland” and “Lemon Sharks” reveal their social and environmental conscience.

Ruby Dawn

Ruby Dawn are Carola Baer’s hypnotic ambient post alternative rock band. They create a lush sound that weaves emotional intensity with captivating lyrical expressions, storytelling qualities, soundscape and emotive concerns. The listener is taken on a mind and heart captivating journey that echoes and whispers subtle sounds of hope and stark reminders of humanity.

Kindred Spirit Band

They are a five-piece, progressive, folk rock band, featuring vocals, guitars, flute and sax and bass and drums. They have performed to great acclaim at Liverpool’s famous “Cavern Club” and more recently, Cambridge Rock Festival. Their sound has been likened to “Fleetwood Mac,” and described as:-

“One of the best folk rock acts in activity in the UK”
Prog Rock and Prog Metal Zine

Click here for more information on Industrial Revelation, and if you would like to book tickets for the evening concert, please click here.  Concert tickets will only be purchasable online and are £15 plus online ticketing fee (£16.22). The seat positions are all unreserved.