Exhibition: Vibrant Landings

29aprAll Day05sepExhibition: Vibrant LandingsAn exhibition of contemporary collage by artist Noelle Genevier

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The work starts with colour and material; folded paper and photographs that combine to create new worlds of ideas.

The collages take two forms; the digitally created, flat patterns, and the more organic handmade three-dimensional assemblages. These forms echo Noelle’s interest in the environment, both urban and natural, coming together at a threshold of shifts and changes.

Much like Hounslow’s environment that touches the city at one edge, and countryside at its other, this work explains our surroundings through connected and contrasting imagery.

The connections that can be found between the images are many, limitless, even. Colour, pattern, shape and subject intertwine together, eliminating boundaries and forging new connections. The way that things are connected, interdependent in interlocking networks draws our attention to the ecology of our environment, reminding us that humanity and nature rely on each other for survival.

The work is informed by political theorist Jane Bennett’s theory of ‘Vibrant Matter’, that everything is interconnected. Our world, whether microscopic lifeforms, or stars reaching light years across, become significant, if we choose to look and ponder with a deep curiosity.



April 29 (Friday) - September 5 (Monday)


Hounslow Library



Creative People and Places Hounslow

Creative People & Places Hounslow is part of Arts Council England’s national investment in engaging new audiences in the arts, in areas where there is little or no access to arts and culture. In Hounslow, the approach has been to work from the grass roots up with the vision of creating a confident, colourful and creative Hounslow. Watermans leads the Creative People & Places consortium in Hounslow.

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