Tenderly Towards the Tipping Point

17jan(jan 17)12:30 pm14mar(mar 14)12:30 pmTenderly Towards the Tipping PointWatermans Arts Centre

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Tenderly Towards the Tipping Point

 Artists: Kaushal Sapre, Mohit Shelare, Sonam Chaturvedi, Aasma Tulika, Bazik Thlana

 How can an exhibition occupy time?

 Watermans presents a group of leading contemporary artists from India with a radical approach to the use of a wide variety of media in their art.

Tenderly Towards the Tipping Point brings together a multitude of artistic responses to time and the imposition of time.

The five artists and their work draw on their differing experiences of inhabiting a conjointly lived time. As people, some of us welcome a structure as to how we spend our hours, days, weeks, months and years and others resist the imposed order to embrace a kind of resistance. 

The artists have focused their enquiries within the fragile ecologies of contemporary South Asia, especially in and around the dense matrix of Delhi but these are potentially universal.

In a poetic response to the question of time the artists mimic the social organisation of spiders, where individuals spin webs taking each other’s constructions as scaffolding for improvising more and more architecture. 

 A brief moment of contact with a fingerprint sensor produces a landscape untouched by human time. 

 A vending machine requires payment in ‘time’.

 How much time does it take to crochet an impossible granny square? 

 A mnemonic recalling of tyrannical time produces amnesia using typewriters and gunshot sounds. 

 An exhibition becomes a zone for folding time. 

 More information: https://www.watermans.org.uk/events/tenderly-towards-the-tipping-point/



January 17 (Wednesday) 12:30 pm - March 14 (Thursday) 12:30 pm

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