Enjoy a season of music at the St. George’s Church in Hanworth

Starting this October, St George’s Church in Hanworth will be hosting an eclectic concert series on one Saturday every month from many amazing local ensembles and bands.

The first event will take place on Saturday 22nd October 2022. Tickets will cost £10 per person with concession tickets costing £5. 

The Kindred Spirit Band will be performing on this night and bring a mix of special and distinctive music, driven by evocative female vocals, guitar, two classically trained, virtuoso, lead instrument players (on violin and flute / sax), dynamic, driving drums and bass guitar and laced with jigs, reels and duelling improvisations.

This progressive folk rock band plays powerful “perceptive and intriguing” original material which is inclined to the mystical, magical and environmental.

The event’s organiser, Organist and choirmaster Matthew Ratcliffe says that “with this concert series we are looking to bring the wider community to the church through a programme of high-quality concerts with engaging musical content”.
You won’t want to miss the first event in this series! Book your tickets now. Learn more