How to register for an account

Navigate to the Register page and fill in details about the business / attraction you want to appear on the site. Once registered, you will be able to set up a business / attraction profile and add events.

How to create a business / attraction profile

Once your inHounslow account has been approved, you need to log in to see the additional links that will now appear in the top right-hand menu. Click ‘Add Business‘ and fill out the form. You can submit details such as your business / attraction name, a description of your business / attraction, your logo, a background image, your contact details (email, address, phone number), your website, social media info, opening times, and instructions on how to get to your location.

How to submit an event

Once you log in, additional links will appear in the top right-hand menu. Click ‘Add Event’ and fill out the form. Make sure you select the correct location in the ‘Event Location Fields’ – this should be your business / attraction name. Even if your business name does not appear, you can still submit your event, just add a note into the ‘Additional Private Notes’ field, requesting your business be added to the list.

Once added by a site administrator, your business name will appear in ‘Event Location Fields’ the next time you upload an event.

How to edit your event and submit additional images

Once your page has been approved, log in and go to your company page. Scroll to the bottom and click on the two additional buttons that only appear to logged in members. You can submit additional images for a gallery or suggest a content update.