Exploring Hounslow

Hounslow town centre is the junction of two roads dating back to pre-Roman times, once the main thoroughfares connecting London to the West Country.  Originally a tollgate controlled the flow from Hounslow Heath and the west.  Fortunately, the tollgate has now gone or been moved into a CZ area in central London.

Visit 1: Try a half day exploring Hounslow Heath

Hounslow Heath  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HounslowHeath Once the home to a large number of highwaymen, including the UK’s most famous, Dick Turpin in 1730, many of whom ended up on the gallows on the health.  The Heath starts just as you exit Hounslow town centre and go west, so was once the first expanse of heathland outside London, going west towards Windsor. It was in more recent years the first civil airport in the UK  https://hidden-london.com/gazetteer/hounslow-heath/  Now it is home to lovely riverside and heathland walks, a fantastic chance to see biodiversity in London https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/downloads/download/339/hounslow_heath_walks_and_trails 

Visit 2: Hang out in Hounslow Town Centre

Hounslow Central Shopping Complex Is a vibrant, bustling town centre, with two shopping centres, the Treaty Centre https://www.treatyshoppingcentre.co.uk/  with its food court and Blenheim Centre https://www.blenheim-centre.com/ With over £1bn invested in Hounslow since 2016 and Barratts just completing the New Hounslow High Street Quarter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLrCfxBSVME complete with 10 screen cinema plus a variety of eateries, this has resulted in Hounslow having amongst the fastest growing property prices in London. Growth is expected to double within 15 years as reported in London newspapers.  

For an evening out in Hounslow, check out for events at the Paul Robeson Theatre run by Arts Centre Hounslow https://www.hounslowartscentre.co.uk/

Live music can be found in the Cross Lances Pub  http://thecrosslances.com/ There are regular live events in Bell Square https://bellsquarelondon.com/, an outdoor arts space where all can come to see some of the best outdoor performers in the world, for free.  https://www.bellsquarelondon.com/whats-on

The town of Hounslow lies in the centre of the borough and perhaps the most multicultural, with temples, mosques joining the area’s churches.  Owing to our diversity there is also an unrivalled range of international restaurants from across the world, which will all give you a warm welcome.  The town centre provides an extensive vegan and vegetarian offering so leave plenty of room to hop between restaurants! 

There is also a number of lively traditional pubs from the Lamplighter, the Bell, and the Sun, with its extensive garden providing a fun night out, which can be topped off by a visit to the borough’s only nightclub ClubK. 

Transport links: 

Hounslow Central and Hounslow East on the Piccadilly underground line to Heathrow and central London.

Hounslow railway station to Waterloo Station (South West Trains)

Hounslow Bus Station https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/stop/490G000601/hounslow-bus-station/

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Hounslow Heath

Hounslow TW4 5AR

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