Digital Festival of Storytelling

6 February – 6 March 2023

Hounslow Festival of Storytelling 2022. Did you miss it? Fear not, here comes the Digital Festival of Storytelling 2023!

Come closer, dont be shy! Let these stories from different corners of the world into your living room, put those tips into practice… and share with us your story.

Storytelling is one of the oldest methods of communication and helps us share our history, heritage and culture with others through music, dance, performance and spoken word.

The Digital Festival of Storytelling will be a free weeklong online programme from a vibrant variety of storytellers, talks and workshops from Monday, 6 February until Sunday, 12 February.  The programme will be complemented by a toolkit of video tips from our storytellers to help you put together your own stories in creative and imaginative ways.

From 13 February to 6 March we will open our inbox to your stories – record them and be part of the oral history collection of Hounslow!

Your stories can be about the tales you or your family members were told as a child, family myths or how you ended up in Hounslow. You will have three weeks to send us your stories, which will form part of an archive for the borough.

Choose your own story - interactive storytelling with Mark Borthwick.
Sunday, 12 February at 6PM via Zom

Choose your own story – Interactive Storytelling with Mark Borthwick.

Sunday, 12 February at 6PM – Via Zoom

Stories, workshops and talks

Monday, 6 February – Sunday, 12 February 2023

All our free storytelling events are pre-recorded by our storytellers (but our closing event – Choose your Own Story, interactive storytelling with Mark Borthwick) and will be released on this website (Storytelling section) and our YouTube channel on 6 February. We will also be releasing our toolkit of storytelling tips in our Toolkit section. If you want to dive deeper into your storytelling, sign up for free workshops and talks.

Create your own crankie theatre workshop - Bronia Evers

Create your own Crankie Theatre Workshop – Bronia Evers

Tuesday, 7 February and Wednesday, 8 February. 6PM

Your time to shine!

Monday, 13 February – Monday, 6 March 2023

We want to hear from you, your children or your elders: what stories made you dream and which are a core part of your life? Be inspired by our storytellers, gather ideas from the workshops, follow the tips, grab your camera and share with us your story!

Three weeks for Hounslow residents to send in their own stories in video or audio format to