Library of Community Stories


Library of Community Stories

After the digital events and storytelling, Hounslow’s communities and residents were invited to share their own stories, tales, fables and memories.

Thank you to all the participants for having shared their stories and time with us!

You can find all of them on our YouTube playlist: Library of Community Stories.

We asked local illustrators Miguel Galue, Anna Trichkine and Alice And The Ink to illustrate some of the stories – take a look at the original illustrations below!

Illustrations’ Gallery

Alice And The Ink

Alice is a London-based multidisciplinary artist who specializes in illustration, 2D/3D motion graphics, and design, with a focus on culture, fashion, food, and music. She has been a freelance artist for over two years and works on a variety of projects across both print and digital media. She is interested in creating work that focuses on social, environmental, or ethical causes.

Alice can be found on Instagram/Twitter at @aliceandtheink or on her website.

Miguel Galue

Miguel is an artist and designer who has been working in the field for over 20 years on three continents. He moved to Brentford, London, in 2004 and has been creating and exhibiting his work ever since. His work focuses on capturing fleeting emotions and moments through ephemeral figures, false steps, and dynamic geometries, which is a consistent theme throughout his work.

Miguel can be found on Instagram/Twitter at @miguel_likes_to_draw or on his website.

Anna Trichkine

Anna is a digital illustrator based in Chiswick, London, who loves to capture the beauty of the places she visits through her artwork. Anna’s passion for travel and art has led her to create illustrations of famous landmarks, cozy cafes, and people she meets along the way. When she’s not working, Anna enjoys exploring new destinations and attending local events.

Anna can be found on her LinkedIn page.