Library of Community Stories

Jun 1 Sep 30

We invited communities and residents to share stories, tales, fables and memories as part of the Digital Festival of Storytelling.

These stories have been compiled in the newly created Library of Community Stories. You can listen to the stories on the Council’s YouTube channel and view accompanying illustrations on the gallery of illustrations.


After the Digital Festival of Storytelling 2023, Hounslow’s communities and residents were invited to share their own stories, tales, fables and memories.

Thank you to all the participants for having shared their stories and time with us!

You can find all of them on our YouTube playlist: Library of Community Stories

We asked local illustrators Miguel Galue, Anna Trichkine and Alice And The Ink to illustrate some of the stories – take a look at the original illustrations in the gallery of illustrations!

Jasia’s Stories – Konrad Jakubowski
Konkon Nsa – Samantha Obeng
Tomasz Pyc’s Story