Events Programme 2022

Films on the Green 2022

Throughout the course of the summer, we brought cinema to our local green spaces. Open-air film screens showed films in local parks during the day for all the family to enjoy.

Festival of Storytelling 2022

Storytelling is one of the oldest methods of communication and helps us share our history, heritage and culture with others through music, dance, performance and spoken word.  With a combination of live events and workshops, in person and online events, the storytelling festival held in August 2022 featured a vibrant variety of storytellers including puppeteers, musicians, performances and poets, across venues including our libraries, historic houses and open spaces, bringing people together and inspiring us to consider the stories we have to share.

Outdoor events in Bell Square and Hounslow town centre

Our spectacular outdoor programme brought the best of national and international artists to Hounslow. Working alongside our local artists and communities this culminated in performances at Bell Square and through Hounslow High Street and the town centre with amazing world class events for everyone to enjoy!


Internationally renowned French company Cie Bilbobasso launched our Summer of Culture 2022 in spectacular fashion on the weekend of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with their show ‘Amor’. This explosive and fire-loaded show told the story of a (literally) combustible relationship in an imaginative blend of tango, physical theatre and pyrotechnics.

‘Aliens from Mons’ – Bell Square

On 30 July, the award-winning Polish theatre company Teatr Ad Spectatores performed Aliens from Mons lying down on the stage. A camera filmed their movements and projected them on a screen as a mix of Chaplin-style silent film antics (complete with matching music and flickering captions) and circus-like live action. This “movie in a theatre” experience was truly entertaining, bringing about all sorts of magical weirdness to the stage – a magic mix of comedy, quirkiness and just plain brilliance.

‘Anhad’ (Limitless) – Bell Square and Hounslow High Street

‘Anhad’ was a one-day festival of South Asian outdoor arts, showcasing the best of South Asian outdoor arts for everyone to enjoy. A colourful and visual celebration of South Asian arts and culture, as part of South Asian Heritage Month, the festival featured the best local and national artists, with breath-taking music, dance, performance, installations at Bell Square and along a specially decorated Hounslow High Street.

Deblozay – Hounslow High Street, surrounding areas and Bell Square

The grand finale for Summer of Culture 2022 was Deblozay (“Bedlam” in Haitian Creole) by internationally renowned outdoor performance company, Rara Woulib. Working with community groups, residents and local artists from across the borough, Rara Woulib developed a spectacular, mass-participation event in Hounslow town centre to create a night-time trip through the memory of Hounslow and its inhabitants where theatre, image and soundscapes came together in stunning fashion.

The project unearthed and celebrated ‘lost memories’ of the location and its communities, drawing in as wide a range of participants and audiences as possible, including those whose voices are rarely heard. This exciting event explored the nooks and crannies of the area, changing the perceived shape of Hounslow town centre for even those who know it well. In addition to creating a large-scale spectacular closing event for the festival, the project supported skills development for local artists and provided new opportunities for community groups and residents.