Open House London 2024

What is Open House London?

Open House London is an annual festival celebrating London’s buildings, architecture and neighbourhoods. This year, the festival will take place from 4-22 September with a wide range of events and tours taking place across all 33 London boroughs, including Hounslow. All the festival events are free.

This is your perfect opportunity to get to know London and your local Hounslow area a little better.
With 365,000 visits in a single weekend, the Open House Festival is the largest celebration of urban landscape in the world, staged by the charity Open City with the aim of making London a more accessible, equitable, and open city for all. For the full details, visit the Open House website.

We’re inviting our residents to explore the distinctive neighbourhoods that make up the borough of Hounslow on foot, by bike or on public transport.

How is Hounslow getting involved?

The London Borough of Hounslow is a vibrant, exciting place to visit, stay, and explore for local residents and visitors. We have historical houses, a growing arts scene, miles of rivers, canals, nature reserves, bustling town centres, a fantastic leisure offering, and much more. 
Last year 14 venues and over 30 events took place in Hounslow alone, so we look forward to Open House 2024 being another opportunity to engage and explore!

What Open House events are happening in Hounslow?

We’ll be listing the events on the calendar as they are finalised, so watch this space!