Storytelling Workshops & Talks 2023

In February and March 2023 we held a number of storytelling workshops and talks.

Workshop: Build Your Own Story with Giles Abbott

On 6 February we held the inaugural workshop of the festival. The session, led by Giles Abbott, was designed for participants who wanted to become more dynamic, engaging and charismatic storytellers. The fun and interactive workshop helped our storytellers discover the secrets to their own most expressive selves, as they learned to find the story (even in material which was not a story), shape the story (how to edit, sharpen, prepare a story) and share the story (how to engage and reward an audience’s attention.)

Giles Abbott became a storyteller in 2000 after sudden and serious, but no total, sight loss in 1998. Now registered blind, this literature graduate who could no longer read plunged into the world of traditional storytelling

Workshop: Build your Crankie Theatre with Bronia Evers

We were delighted to welcome back by popular demand Bronia Evers for two digital workshops.

On consecutive days, participants learned how to make their own ‘crankie’ theatre (moving panoramas – a pre-cinematic form of moving image).

Bronia Evers is a storyteller, designer, maker and puppeteer. Her practice combines spoken word storytelling with hand-crafted performing objects, sets and puppets. Bronia’s current work focuses on creating moving panoramas – a pre-cinematic form of moving image (also known as crankies), and embedding these in live and digital performances.  

Talk & Live Storytelling: The Importance of Folk Tales with Tom the Tale Teller

On 11 February we enjoyed an fantastic hour full of discussion on the importance of folktales, stories and storytelling with a generous splattering of stories thrown in for good measure.​

Tom ‘the Tale Teller’ Phillips began telling his tales to his class on a Friday afternoon before venturing into grown-up storytelling. That was nearly 15 years ago. In this time, Tom has told stories across the land at storytelling clubs, in schools, at festivals big and small, other social clubs (his favourite being a wine and beer club), and literature festivals such as Bradford and Cheltenham.  Tom has always loved stories, from his Dad telling him Brer Rabbit stories at bedtime to telling his own children stories around the fire in the garden, stories and storytelling run through his veins.