Tours and Trails 2024 – Brentford

Picturing Brentford

Two fun and informative trails to bring Brentford’s rich history to life. Using AR, the trails invite you to step back in time to discover the stories, places, faces and voices that have gone to shape the town – and those that still do today. 

Come along with a smartphone to find the QR codes hidden around the streets and waterside. The trails can also be downloaded from the website. For adults or families.

Picturing Brentford, created by Gideon Reeling 

The adult and family trails have been created by Brentford based immersive theatre company, Gideon Reeling ( who have been making trailblazing interactive entertainment since 2006. Their varied projects are made to surprise, entertain and educate all ages and can be found everywhere from theatres to festivals , on streets and online, in adverts and in museums. 

Gideon Reeling are collaborating with local historians, Brentford Voice as well as local museums including London Museum of Water and Steam on Picturing Brentford. 

Two Kings Of Brentford, created by Jack Fairey

Bill has lived in Brentford all his life. It’s his home. But the town is changing before his eyes, and when an accident on a construction site leaves him bereft, he starts to grow bitter. Regina only arrived in the town a few months ago. She has no friends and no family here – only her job as a lawyer.  

When the two are thrust into each other’s lives, they must learn to set aside their differences, work together, and see Brentford through the other’s eyes. 

Jack Fairey is a writer and theatre-maker based in West London. He is an associate artist at The Arts Centre Hounslow, with which he is currently collaborating on a multi-year series of plays at Boston Manor House, Brentford, the first of which (A Christmas Carol) ran in December last year. His work has been performed across the UK and on BBC Radio 4. When he isn’t writing, you can find Jack managing The Potting Shed Cafe in Boston Manor Park, where he has loved getting to know the tight knit community of Brentford and the surrounds (and especially all of the dogs!).