To join the trail, download the PDF map or open it in a new tab.

You can begin at any point in the trail, but we recommend starting on Kew Bridge or (when it is open), at the London Museum of Water and Steam. The coffee is good and the exhibitions are informative!

Before you start…

  • All points in the trail take us along Brentford High Street or Waterside and are marked on the map as tour points 1-8.
  • At each point, scan the appropriate QR code with a smartphone to see images, videos, history and remembrances of Brentford as you follow the trail.
  • Alternatively, you can go directly to the tour points using the boxes below.
  • For children and families there are some extra activity suggestions and information at the bottom of each trail point section.

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1: Kew Bridge

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2: Watermans Park / St. Georges

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3: Fire Station / Ferry Lane

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4: Dock Road / Brentford Docks

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5: High Street / Beehive

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6: Market Square

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7: St. Lawrence’s Church

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8: Brentford Bridge

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Written and produced by Kate Hargreaves of Gideon Reeling Theatre company.
Performers David Hargreaves & Kathryn McGarr.
Sound recording and production Ramiro Gabelli.
Map designed by Andrew Smee.
Additional graphic design by James Wright.
Tech consultant Dr James Ohene-Djan of Micode.
Tech consultant/support Tom Wright Better Than Clay.

Brentford has many passionate local historians who have shared their knowledge and advice generously with us to make this tour. This project could not have been made without their help, in particular:

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