Tours & Trails 2024 – Feltham

From Farmland to Frontiers

Artist Ekta Kaul’s trail honours Feltham’s rich heritage, from its origins in agriculture to its pivotal roles in aviation and car manufacturing, and its vibrant contemporary music and art scenes. The trail weaves through the town, showcasing local flora, key landmarks, and significant historical moments, celebrating Feltham’s vibrant past and present.

About Ekta Kaul

Ekta Kaul is an award winning artist known for her narrative maps that explore place, history and belonging through stitch and abstract painting. Her works are held in prominent public collections including at the Museum of London, Crafts Council, the Gunnersbury Museum and those of private collectors.

Featured in Vogue, Financial Times, and on BBC Radio 4, Ekta’s roots in India’s rich textile heritage deeply influence her work. Educated at India’s top design school NID and later in the UK with British Council Scholarships, she completed her Master’s in Textiles. Over the past 19 years, Ekta has built a creative practice encompassing art, scholarship, and education. She was awarded the 2021 Cockpit Arts Textile Prize and is regularly invited to teach at institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum.. Her upcoming book, ‘Kantha: Sustainable Textiles and Mindful Making,’ will be published in the UK and US by Bloomsbury UK in June 2024. | Insta @ekta_kaul