The gate is all that remains today of Minimax Limited’s factory for the manufacture of fire extinguishers. Minimax Ltd was a high profile company, producing unique conical fire extinguishers exported all over the world, from Argentina to Tasmania. The factory was built in 1911 and demolished in the 1980s, with the gate left as public art.

Feltham Marshalling Yard
Hereford Road, Feltham, TW13 5BS

This was the site of the Feltham Marshalling Yard, built to manage freight wagons on the London and South Western Railway. Built in 1922 by German Prisoners of War, it was the largest Marshalling Yard in southern England, with 32 miles of track and sidings.

Archibald Montgomery Low and the First Drones
86 High Street, Feltham

Today a supermarket, in 1918, 86 High Street was the location of the Royal Flying Corps’ secret Experimental Works. Here Archibald Low oversaw the production of the world’s first military drone, invented by Low in 1917. The ‘Aerial Target’ drones were never used in combat, but inspired further work on remote aircraft technology.

Veitch’s Nurseries
Bedfont Lane, Feltham

Bedfont Lane is the former site of one of the nurseries belonging to James Veitch and Sons. The Feltham branch was established by Sir Harry Veitch, an important 19th century horticulturist. The Veitch Nurseries sent plant collectors around the world to bring new species to the UK, and the Feltham nursery was a key site for Veitch’s propagation of orchids.

Union Construction Company and Feltham Trams

One hundred Feltham Trams were built in Feltham by the Union Construction Company. They ran throughout London between 1931 and 1951, but were phased out due to modernisation. Today only three remain, in museum collections.

Feltham From the Air

This photograph gives us a peek into history. This is what Feltham looked like in 1948.

Image Credits
Historical Images: Angela Parton, Caradoc Doy
All other Images : Ekta Kaul
With Thanks to
Angela Parton, Alan Rice, Saffron Garside, Hanane Dauki & Feltham Arts, Adam Grounds and staff at Hounslow Archives, members of Feltham History Group.

Flora and fauna found locally flank the edges of the illustration: Pea- Feltham First-so-named for being first grown in the town, Green Alkanet, Great Mullein, Blackthorn, Hawthorn trees, White Campion flowers, Holly, bees, orange tip butterflies.
Source first hand research by the artist and Interview with Mike Dance about Flora and Fauna of the Feltham Area and his talk.