Rajkiran Kaur Kalsi

I’d describe myself as retro modern, in a world of very tech savvy minds! Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, music has been, and continues to be, a constant and everlasting companion in my life. My music, be it genres, styles, instrumentals, and personal favourites, are eclectic.

I love learning to play my left handed acoustic guitar and I love to sing, and write songs. I’ve been told my writing for that matter is prolific, but music is something that gives my soul, mind and body true and wholesome groundedness and balance.

This image accompanies Rajkiran’s “Chat About Music.” Listen as Rajkiran talks you through her musical timeline. Through this image and the accompanying conversation, Rajkiran notes the importance of different music at different times in her life and how certain moments in life evoke unique musical sounds.


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